The Ballet of Shibmata Shinhsokai exhibition at Atelier 485 Shibamata June 2019

The “Ballet” of Shibamata Shinshōkai

Street observation in Shibamata

The Ballet of Shibamata Shinshōkai aims to look at how art, urban research, history and community can come together to collectively approach issues of urban life.

The starting point is the metaphor of a “ballet” that the writer Jane Jacobs used to describe the daily rhythms, flows and interactions of Hudson Street in New York where she lived  in the 1950s

The exhibition will begin with sketches of the buildings on Shinshōkai street where Gallery 485 is located.. Visitors are invited to contribute by adding information to the walls with the aim of building up an idea of the history, social life, infrastructure of the street and its place in Tokyo.  

Workshops and exhibition texts will present some approaches to understanding urban life by artists and thinkers and invite visitors to explore these ideas in the context of understanding Shinshōkai.